EMSevolution™ Hip/Butt Trainer

EMSevolution™  Hip/Butt Trainer - SILKYTOO

EMSevolution™ Hip/Butt Trainer

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EMS Buttocks Hip Trainer – Trendy Joys

Are you looking for a smarter way to train your hips?

The EMS Hip Trainer will help you to get the perfect bum that you always wanted. Training your hips doesn't necessarily mean you have to visit the gym 5 times a week for hours. Simply use our ESM Hip Trainer for a shorter period of time anywhere you want. 

What does EMS stand for?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulator. It imitates the process of muscle fatigue with electric pulses, this means that you can fatigue your muscles faster. Therefore, you don't have to spend hours in the gym and get results faster.

EMS Hips Workout Trainer – So Glam Co.


You can use the EMS Hip Trainer whilst working, cooking or relaxing on the couch. Use the Hip Trainer at anytime, anywhere you want, on vacation and or just before you go to bed.   

Package includes:

1x hip trainer

1x control panel

The control panel:

By using the control panel the trainer can be set to multiple different intensity levels. The EMS trainer can be set on a higher intensity to get muscle fatigue faster. This makes it possible to have a workout of about 15 minutes. 

Advantages of the EMS Hip Trainer:

  • Use a low intensity level to comfortably relax 
  • Short effective workouts due to adjustable intensity levels
  • Get in a better shape with minimum effort
  • No need to spend money on a gym subscription
  • Save and manage your time more conveniently
  • Easy to use anywhere

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